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He Said, She Said

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I’ve been looking for ways to express my opinion on the Dr. Ford & Judge Kavanaugh hearing in the Senate yesterday. My friend Craig has summed up my thoughts rather well: I have a lot of strong opinions about the mess going on in Washington this past week. My strongest belief, however, is this: If […]

Counting Skeletons

Imitation is Flattery?

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I recently had an opportunity to go see the band The Decemberists at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati. I went with Eric, the guitarist in my band. It was a great performance and I truly enjoyed the evening of music and stage shenanigans. Not long ago, the guys in my group got together and did […]


Nice Day in the Smokies

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View this post on Instagram A rainy, but nice trip up and down the mountain today. Most of the trip was in the car, but we braved the raindrops a few times. #exploring #mountain #smokymountains #smokymountainsnationalpark A post shared by Rich Palmer (@rich_palmer) on Sep 27, 2018 at 1:19pm PDT