I’m Done Peopling

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I’m done with social interactions for the most part. I’ve been so completely disillusioned by people over the past year or so. Online interactions are filled with vitriol and even the conversations that should be healthy and enlightening have become conflicting and bitter. I was a huge evangelist for online engagement — having been involved […]


Facebook is Not Your Web Site

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I simply don’t understand why businesses think Facebook is their “web site.” I’ve been exploring restaurants in the town where my headquarters is located. I don’t live there, so I’m not savvy to the dining options. I have three national representatives coming in next week. We’re going to start our meeting and socialization by breaking […]


Sensitive Twitter User

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I had an experience using Twitter today that I’ve never had. I’ve been using the platform since 2006. Today I responded to a post from Spotify about the 4 [sic] year anniversary of Miley Cyrus’ album, Bangerz. I noted that I didn’t care then and don’t care now. I even mentioned that I could not […]


Nice Day in the Smokies

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View this post on Instagram A rainy, but nice trip up and down the mountain today. Most of the trip was in the car, but we braved the raindrops a few times. #exploring #mountain #smokymountains #smokymountainsnationalpark A post shared by Rich Palmer (@rich_palmer) on Sep 27, 2018 at 1:19pm PDT