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He Said, She Said

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I’ve been looking for ways to express my opinion on the Dr. Ford & Judge Kavanaugh hearing in the Senate yesterday. My friend Craig has summed up my thoughts rather well:

I have a lot of strong opinions about the mess going on in Washington this past week. My strongest belief, however, is this: If you believe one person or the other based largely on whether you put an R or a D beside your name on primary day, you really need to rethink your values.
-C. S.

I add this: If a person did not watch the hearing and they are basing their “belief” on the slanted news source of choice, they may want to hush.

Worse yet is if they are only latching on to the musings of another R or D driven person as their source of info, but they didn’t watch the hearing at all. That might be a great reason to just keep their opinion to themselves.

This event was one of the ugliest for this country that I’ve ever witnessed.

Counting Skeletons

Imitation is Flattery?

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I recently had an opportunity to go see the band The Decemberists at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati. I went with Eric, the guitarist in my band. It was a great performance and I truly enjoyed the evening of music and stage shenanigans.

Not long ago, the guys in my group got together and did a quick learn of The Decemberists song, “Sucker’s Prayer.” We obviously don’t have all the instrumentation they do, nor do we have the number of vocalists. But I think it was a noble attempt at the song. We recorded it for one of our episodes of Tales from the Closet.

The video here is our take on the song.