This Journal

This is a reboot of the journal that originally lived in the old Posterous.com platform. When Twitter bought the service and shelved it, I moved it to Tumblr. Because Yahoo did sketchy things with our data I moved it away from there* and let it sit idle for quite a while. I’ve decided it best housed under my own web presence.

Rich Palmer

When not writing songs and playing acoustic guitar, Rich is typically a bassist. He plays for Counting Skeletons. Many Ohio based groups that he has enjoyed playing with include Jusswanna, Dayton Undercover, MidLife Crisis (Springfield), Smarty Pantz (Springfield) and The Fries Band (Dayton). Rich was a guitarist for the long-running police/fire band called Knight Blaze.

Rich Palmer is also a fire and life safety educator. This is a profession he has held since 1991. During this time, he has found music to be a tremendous vehicle for presenting safety education messages. The retention of messages delivered through music can be quite effective. You can learn more about his CD for kids here.

*I also deleted any connections to Yahoo, including services such as Flickr.